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Self-determination, self-sustainability self-governance
Self-determination, self-sustainability self-governance
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Matt commented 5 months ago
A Banking strategy which is supported by intelligence operations must include agent participants from the target nation co-opted.
In the US the practical point of the political economy was the preservation of the land and resource. Strategy. Today the American is Original. Many of the 'tribes' were already here, 'discovered'. Strategic moves were made to preserve a concept of freedom with components of law. Reclassified, Americans were called 'native', though seed honesty remains. The US is and has been 'foreign' to the land people. As Europeans exited to colonize the world, the politic-economic was secret. The secret is banking. Marco Polo returned from Asia with two strategic arms. Gunpowder and noodles, a metaphor to symbolize the entanglement of... (More)
Gabriel updated 6 months ago
Gabriel Prosser
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Slavery is a forced condition upon the Black Race.... None of our ancestors made the choice for their families to be slaves.... 

Gabriel replied 6 months ago